'White Forest' wall hanging by Park Sung-Wook

'A Pair' craved wood stools by Park Hong-Gu

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The Contemporary Craft Fair


22 – 29 MAR 2021
Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London

Lloyd Choi Gallery is thrilled to announce our participation at ARTEFACT, a new contemporary craft fair launching this summer at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. The gallery will present eight Korean established and emerging artists who are working with ceramics, metal, mother of pearl, wood and textiles.


For Artefact, Lloyd Choi Gallery will select artworks from the recent exhibition ‘Material Dialogue’, showcasing Korean contemporary craft that conveys a sense of warmth and peace.

Selected Artists

Choi Boram

Kwak Hye-Young

Kim Hyun-Ju

Lee Geum-Young

Lee Sora

Park Hong-Gu

Park Sung-Wook

Yun Ju-Cheol

And British furniture designer, Paul Kelley

To find out more about the Artefact, please click here




'Ottchil Jojakbo no.5' textile by Lee Sora 

'Warm Breeze' ceramic object by Choi Bo-Ram