Choi Bo-Ram

Born 1985 in Busan, South Korea

Choi Bo-Ram is an exceptional young talent who reinterprets the classic blue and white pottery we all know, into arresting optical, abstractive sculptures. The artist builds traditional form with small clay patches and then uses the form as a canvas. The hand-drawn graphical patterns that are painted spontaneously on the surface seem almost as if they were printed. However, the endless delicate blue lines are created with a very fine brush directly on to the raw stoneware to create the final effect. The artist worked as a researcher at Ceramics Research Centre at Hong-Ik, the art University renowned for art ceramics in South Korea after her PhD in ceramics and recently moved to Jeju Island in South Korea to focus on creating artworks.


Selected Awards

2011 International Ceramics Competition Mino, Silver Prize, Japan

2010 Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Art Prize, Winner, South Korea

2009 National Celadon & Blue Modern Ceramics Competition, Special

         prize, South Korea

2008 New Generation Student Competition, Bronze Prize, South Korea