The International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design 

Somerset House

27 FEB - 1 MAR 2020

For Collect 2020, Lloyd Choi Gallery will introduce a ground-breaking South Korean ceramics movement hereto overlooked by international audiences. Do-jo came to prominence in the 1980’s, merging the fields of ceramics and fine art. In it’s simplest terms Do-jo describes ‘ceramic sculpture’.

The gallery has selected key artists whose practice reflects the spirit of Do-jo including those who formed part of the original pioneering movement. The presentation will include: a deconstructed Moon Jar by Lee Soo-Jong - the proclaimed father of Do-jo and creator of some of the most radical ceramic works from the 1970’s, architectural ceramic sculptures by Lee Gee-jo - an artist who helped to shape the movement, and the international artists Yun Ju-Cheol and Park Sung-Wook - both of whom work to reinvent traditional craft processes: Yun creates tactile surface with ancient technique and Park creates contemporary pallet from the traditional slipware. New works by young artists, Choi Bo-Ram, who works with ceramic sculpture as a three-dimensional canvas for her painting and Kwak Hye-Young whose conceptual ceramics document natural elements such as the wind and rain. And a special display of contemporary Jogakbo by female textile artist Lee So-Ra.


Images credit: Moon Ray Studio