Kwak Hye-Young

1982 Born in Jungsun, South Korea

With a highly conceptual and experimental approach, Kwak Hye-Young attempts to ‘record’ nature in her work, giving permanence to the forces of nature and their short-lived legacy. The artist uses white porcelain boards as canvasses, placing these in various locations, from her garden to the city, under trees and in the open, allowing the environment – in particular the rain - influence and create the work.

At less than 2.5cm thick, the boards go through a 40-day drying period in natural conditions to avoid cracking, before they are placed in the kiln and subtly glazed by the dried rain. Some reveal embedded colours that lie under the clay, and others draw you towards a meditative state, to simply ‘see the sound of rain’. Kwak asserts that the work is created by nature itself and that she is merely the collaborator.