Lee Gee-Jo


Born 1959 in Jeju island, South Korea


Modern Beak-ja (Korean white porcelain) artist, Lee helped to shape the ceramic sculpture ‘Do-Jo’ that emerged in the 1980s in South Korea with his striking and distinctive hand-built abstract ceramics. ‘Rectangular Ritual Vessel’ is one of his masterpieces and his most radical form made of traditional white porcelain. It features a complex structure that requires great skill to achieve. Retaining the textures created through making, restless finger marks and nail pinches that work to stitch and join slabs are visible throughout.

Public Collection

Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

Yeoju Ceramic Art Museum, Yeoju, South Korea

Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju, South Korea

Chungang University Ceramic Arts Research Centre, South Korea