Park Sung-Wook

1972 Born in Seoul, South Korea

Well-established ceramicist Park Sung-Wook is perhaps best known for his contemporary Buncheong ‘Moon Jar’. The Moon Jar is uniquely Korean, made in 14th – 19th century from traditional white porcelain and Park has reinterpreted in traditional white-slip stoneware ‘Buncheong’. Park uses a traditional, self-built, wood-fired kiln to achieve the authentic grey-green stoneware and applies a minimalistic yet expressive decoration by either plunging or freely pouring the jar into white-slip. The results speak to the look and feel of the original jars with a subtle and fluid coat. In his latest series, he has deconstructed the moon jar into a two-dimensional format, again using Buncheong to create the works. These ceramic paintings are constructed out of hundreds of small pieces, each dipped in the white slip a number of times to create a delicately subtle palette.

Selected Public Collection

The Horim Museum, South Korea

The Victoria and Albert Museum, UK

The Bruckner Foundation, Switzerland

The Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, South Korea

The Yeoju World Ceramic Gallery, South Korea 

The International Ceramic Exhibition Centre, China