Yun Ju-Cheol


1972 Born in Ahn-dong, South Korea

Yun Ju-Cheol is an innovative ceramist who has created contemporary processes inspired by traditional methods to create extremely tactile surfaces. He is renowned for the development of ‘Cheomjang’, where dramatic textural surfaces are created using slip and pigment to create numerous spikes or points. The slip is brushed directly on to the vessel and left to dry; this process is then repeated more than a hundred times to achieve the dramatic surface. One application of slip creates a coating of 0.3mm.

He is continuously researching through his work, combining techniques and aesthetics and striving to push the boundaries of what clay as a material can produce. Cheomjang is a result of this research and builds on the existing tradition of Gwiyal (one of the six major decorative techniques applied to Buncheong date back 15th century) combining slip-casting, slip-brushing and detailed methods of creating surface decoration.

Selected Public Collection

Henan Museum, China

Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Japan

Cheongju International Craft Biennale Collection South Korea